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house on reid circle in fort washington. christmas decorations, including a manger scene, are still up and what appear to be church vans parkd in the driveway. none of the street residents we spoke to wanted to be named. >> and he seemed like a nice guy. i had no idea. you never know who is living next to you. >> great surprise and shock, you know, and that is unthinkable. >> reporter: according to a court affidavit, the sex abuse started in the church in her sixth grade year and continued when she was 11 to 13. palmer was the church choir director who allegedly assaulted the girl in the pastor's office between rehearsal breaks when he sent other youth choir members to the store. >> wow. wow. that is disheartening and that is alarming to hear. >> and he's a d.c. police officer. >> yeah, yeah, and that on top of it. if you can't trust your -- and
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police are here to protect and serve. if you can't trust your law enforcement, who can you trust? >> and -- . >> your youth choir director? >> or the youth choir director, the priest or minister -- whomever. it's sad. >> reporter: the judge ordered palmer held, pending a preliminary hearing on tuesday and granted a motion to keep him segregated from the rest of the jail population. the alleged victim making the charges is 19 years old and she went to the police in march of last year after her mother called the child and family services agency hotline. >> thank you. a search is underway for this man. he escaped from washington adventist hospital in maryland last night. the police say clayton mallenhoff suffers from paranoia, he's suicidal and has a history of violence.
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he's known to have extensive weapons and carries extensive martial arts training. if you have seen him, don't approach him. two men accused of stealing two alexandrea police cruisers. police arrested 31-year-old daniel harris, 33-year-old corey yates and say the suspects used a master fleet key to steal the vehicle. that key is still missing, as well as a relative humidityington shotgun and mobile computer stolen from one of the cruisers. jury selection got underway in the trial of a d.c. police officer accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. prosecutors say richmond phillips shot and killed wright in june of 2011. her body was found in a temple hills park. her one-year-old daughter was found dead in a car seat in her mother's car nearby. and the police say the child may have died from heat exposure. the court records show phillips and wright were involved in a custody dispute. opening statements are expected on monday. lawyers for the ex-marine convicted of shooting into the pentagon and other military targets want the plea deal reviewed now that he's
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diagnosed as a schizophrenic. he plead guilty to a series of shootings accepting a plea deal inds implex change for 25 years in prison. the lawyers want a judge to review whether that is appropriate. he's scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. a news alert out of california. a student has been taken into custody after a shooting at a high school and the 16-year-old student was shot and wounded. it happened this morning in a high school, 120 miles northwest of los angeles. the shotgun was used in the attack and the suspect is taken into custody. the obama administration's plans to find concrete proposals to prevent gun violence started today. the nra got a seat at the table. crag bosswell has more. >> you all know this is a complicated issue. >> reporter: vice president joe biden will have a list of proposals to help reduce gun
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violence ready for president obama by tuesday. >> a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. >> reporter: he's focused on the types of weapons to be owned and month the suggestions from the task force is a ban on high-capacity gun clips and closing what is called the gun show loophole. the administration said it's looking for legislative proposals and may try executive action. >> the truth is that through executive action, it's very tough for the white house to make that much of a difference and they not going ban the show or close the gun show loophome. >> reporter: they say attendance is up dramatically. the loophole allows unlicensed sellers to sell weapons without a background check. president obama asks r the task force after the mass shooting of 20 school children and six educators in newtown, connecticut, last month. >> and there has to be common ground here. >> reporter: after the meeting, biden met with the nra.
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the group opposes gun control efforts. vice president biden will meet with representatives of the video game industry on friday. the nra released a statement today saying, quote, we were disappointed with how little this meet handwriting to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment, end quote. president obama named his pick for the next secretary treasury. the president is nominating jack lou. before his current chief of staff, he was the president's director, a job he held in the clinton white house. some republicans are skeptical about the choice saying lou was less than honest about president obama's budget and its affects on the nation's debt. >> and he did not show the kind of independence and credibility we would want in that important cabinet position. >> and as with all cabinet posts, lou must be confirmed by the senate. if confirmed, low may want to work on his john hancock. look at this. that is the signature at the
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bottom right. it would be on every new bill printed. the current scribble does not resemble the pain at all and that he promised to work on it. >> when this was mighted in the press, i considered resinnedding my offer to appoint him. i never saw his signature. jack assures me he's going to work to make at least one letter ledgible. in order not to kebait our currency. -- debase our currency. >> hopefully he hits the j and leaves the rest. tim geithner changeed his signature to a more ledgible version when he took the job. the cost of riding metro won't go up. some metro board members are concerned about the agency's financial future. sherri ly is lie with the latest. sherry? >> reporter: shawn, metro's
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general manager presented his proposed $1.6 billion operating budget. he doesn't rule out the higher fares in the 40 and right now, metro is asking cities and counties that it served to come up with millions more instead to keep the transit system running. metro riders expect to ante up. if not this coming year, then the next. the transit agency expects fares to go up every two years at a time when many riders are feeling the pain of last year's price hike. >> the board policy that every two years we would have an increase and it's up to the board to decide if they want to do that or not. >> reporter: the possibility of future fare hikes frustrates many riders who have not seen the return for their money. >> and i pray it's only growing pains but seems to be actual quality is diminished throughout washington. >> reporter: revenue and ridership are down in the proposed budget in part because
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the last fare increase drove people away. >> i work like six flags and i usually, before i usually take a right and now, i work. >> reporter: metro should get a financial boost now that a transit subsidy was restored. from 125 to 240 in the fiscal cliff deal. and cities and counties are being asked to pick up an additional $27 million tab to account for the shortfall in revenue and that is much needed money for services. >> and we are improving on-time performance, we talked about that and we're providing more metro extra service in this budget. >> it comes at a cost. >> i live in a city where we don't come from metro. i am from omaha and this is a luxury. >> reporter: the transit agency is tapping surplus funds from last year and counting on that
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money every year makes some nerve us -- nervous given the uncertainty in federal funding, ridership and declining revenue, shawn? >> and we know that is not all they're concerned about. we know with the inauguration less than two weeks away, a lot of people are taking metro to get to the mall. is the transit agency prepared? what are they doing? >> reporter: one of the -- . >> reporter: shawn, one of the biggest concerns is for security. metro doesn't expect the historic crowds of four years ago, the transit police are bringing in 140 officers from across the country from extra -- for extra protection. >> the last time we had a houston transit officer who was instrumental in preventing a serious injury of a lady that fell off the track and they'll be coming in, we'll provide training and there will be additional support to supplement the transit police. >> and as of now, metro transit police say they have not gotten information about potential threats to metro during the inauguration. shawn? >> and thank you. for the seconds time in two
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days, new jersey commuters have been hurt in an accident this morning, they collided in old bridge. those students on the minibus, which was on the way to pick up school children from an apartment complex fell. the bus accident comes a day after a high-speed commuter ferry from new jersey, crashing into a dock in lower manhattan. federal investigators are looking into the accident, interviewing crew members and examining the damage. they will check the maintenance records to see if that provides clues to what happened. coming up, the fda said sleeping pills need to be weakened. >> and fighting the flu vaccine supplies low as people try to protect themselves from the virus. >> and during last summer's derecchio, many people could not file 911 at the height of the storm. find out what is being done to make sure that never happens
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again. gary. >> hey, shawn and you have to ask yourself. could it get better in january weatherwise around here? i think it might. we'll have a first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us, the news will continue. ntinue.   irene, drop the itch.
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free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. drop the itch with maximum strength scalpicin®. also available scalpicin® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control. . we're back now with the latest on the fox 5 health alert. we have been reporting this year's flu season is bad and apparently concerns about the fast spread of the virus has people flocking to get flu shots. as a result, some doctors come drug stores are having a hard
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time keeping up with supplies at both the vaccine and medicine to treat the bug. >> and each day we're getting 24 boxes of tamiflu and rung out of them and. >> more than half of the states across the country are reporting high levels of influenza-like illnesses and it's so bad in boston, the mayor declared a public health emergency. also in health news, a pap test may be able to spot some cancers in women. it may detect uterine or ovarian cancers using cervical fluid obtained. there is no routine tests available for those cancers. a pilot study led by researchers at john's hopkins founded dna analysis of cervical fluid detected 100% of uterine cancers and more than 40% of ovarian cancers in a small group of women. the method, though, still years of research away from being available in your doctor's
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office. major change that could affect sleeping patterns for people that suffer from insomnia. the fda is ordering lower doses of ambien to prevent reported harmful side affects. >> reporter: ive have you have issues sleeping, a new effort could leave you tossing and turning and the agency ordering lower dosages. >> it's addictive and they rely on ambien constantly to go to sleep. >> reporter: 70 million americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. last year alone, the doctors issued close to 40 million prescriptions for sleep- inducing drugs like ambien and while the meds are non-habit forming, the lingering affects could affect your alertness. >> and we have seen a lot of people getting themselves in automobile accidents where
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they're driving and, gan, they lose the cognitive connection with their driving skills. >> reporter: it can interfere with driving and increasing the risk of car accidents. the key ingredient in the pills stays in woman's bodies longer. they're ordering drug makers to cut doses of regular pills in half to 5 milligrams for women and suggest they consider low dose ams for men as well. the fda received a number of reports of cooks accidents over the years and that is not known how big of a role sleeping pills played in the incident. for now, patients which should continue taking their dose until they can talk to the doctor about the best way to proceed. mean tomb, the dea is pushing for tighter restrictions on the nation's most widely used drug, the pain killer vicodin. they're hoping the fda will put them in a different category, which could make them harder to get and abuse. in new york,an anacoyman, fox
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news. pathology reports shows the former nfl player junior seau had a degenerative brain disease. they studied his brain at the request of the family and doctors found abnormalities with linked to cte, that is said to cause major memory loss and dementia in a number of football players. gary mcgrady, all i heard you say was that it's going to get better. >> hard to believe. >> that's right. >> and temperature, not so much. >> okay. >> and we're talking about the warm-up coming our way for the weekend and all things considered and let's show you that, too. 55 down there in fredericksburg and this is two great days. i'm jealous. you were in the mid-60s
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yesterday and we were stuck in the 40s and lower 50s. it's two good days down south. culpeper, 54; monasses pox; we're 52 in town and notice to the north and west, hagerstown, 44; martinsburg, 47 and winchester, 46 and some 40s out there. it's been nice today and some sunshine. the temperatures into the mid- 50s for most of us and this is what is happening now. high clouds are coming on across and that rain stays away and we have some rain in the forecast for tomorrow. coming up, we'll talk about how much we have and can you see the clouds are thing up. and thickening up for one -- 81 as well and there is a lot of rain out here and that is looking like we're going to have to wait quite awhile to get that rain before it will start coming on in and this
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evening's forecast, staying dry, 51 or so. mostly clouds at night, 48 and as the clouds thicken up, the temperatures will steady out and that is looking look overnight tonight, we're going stay and, for the most part in the 40s, some areas may drop into the 40s. showers tomorrow and how warm is it going to be for the weekend and we see hints of cold air. we have a lot to talk about coming up. >> and sigh you in a bit. coming up, another communication -- [ indiscernible ] left wandering from last summer's derecchio. >> and the frantic 911 calls from people who thought this dog was a baby lion on the loose. >> and call us if you have a story. or send us an e-mail at
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. nearly six months after the 2012derecch olympics, the fcc is looking to strengthen the rule making and strengthen the reliability of 911 communications during disasters. it comes as they issue a staff report on the verizon 911 failure in virginia during and after the storm. in it, it outlines specific things for verizon to check on. including having network systems that are reliable and conducting audits. verizon center improved since super storm sandy. >> and i think they made a lot of progress. fall, coming back and what technical changes they chase -- they face. >> verizon has a long road ahead. the next step is reviewing the
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scc's report and recommendation. the 911 center in norfolk, virginia, doing fine. the operators received 91 frantic calls reporting a baby lion on the loose. to their surprise, the lion was charles the labradoodle. before officials figured that out, he sparked a lot of panic for residents. even the local zoo. >> norfolk 911, what is your emergency? >> i'm driving down the street before the zoo and there was a lion that ran across the street, a baby lion. >> at first, we all looked at each other, the zoo staff like could it be? >> oddly enough, this is not the first time charles is mistaken as a lion. the owners say that is the point. they specifically shaved him down to look like the mascot of old dominion university for tailgating at football games. >> ah. judge have you ever seen a labradudeel? >> they're huge. >> big hairy dogs. >> yeah. >> i can see why people would think it was a lion. >> yeah. coming up tonight, d.c.
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city leaders lay out plans to honor the late great godfather of go go. >> and a push to bring the redskins back to the district. the city's mayor said the team may want to consider a name change, first. >> and a group of powerful politicians from virginia are trying to convince the fbi to relocate to the commonwealth. share everything.
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>> people say can we jump around? that day would go unless we take steps. >> reporter: although there is a lot of work, the mayor believes that the first concert at the new angie theatre could happen by this summer n. northeast, matt ackland, fox 5 news. mayor gray made good on a bet he lost to the mayor of seattle. it was raised above the wilson building in morning. they placed a wager on last weekend's seahawk play-off game and believed they would fly over the city for a half -- a half a day.
5:31 pm
mayor gray about the team name, the skins may want to change it if the team wanted to return to the district. >> and i said that is something to consider. it's a discussion point for so many people. >> and they think it's something that symbolizes 9 football team here, you know, the name. and that is perhaps one of the mostable logos and nicknames of football team in national football league. >> people opposed to the name consider it a racial slur. ultimately, mayor gray said the federal government controls the land where rfk sits. some most powerful politicians in virginia gathered in arlington today. they're trying to come up with a strategy to convince the federal government to relocate the fbi's headquarters to the commonwealth. john henrehan has more from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the headquarters for the fbi is certainly going
5:32 pm
to move out of d.c. in the next -- well, some time this decade. because the agency needs a lot of land for security purposes, it almost certainly means a move to the suburbs. montgomery and prince georges county both want the fbi, so does fairfax county in virginia. today, local and national calls from -- from virginia decided to ultimately unite in support of one location in the commonwealth. about 9,000 people work in the current downtown d.c. headquarters of the fbi. the building is reaching the end of the useful life span. powerful maryland senator barbara mikulski endorsed the idea that a new fbi headquarters should be built in prince georges county where there is less development and far less presence than federal counties. montgomery county is interested in hosting the fbi and leaders in virginia suggested the new site be located in the huge gs aware house site in
5:33 pm
springfield. >> and the bottom lin -- . >> reporter: congressman jim moran summoned a large group of legislators to arlington, including both u.s. senators from virginia to agree among themselves to ultimately support one preferred site in the commonwealth. >> we represent different constituencies and potential fbi relocation sites, our singular focus as a bipartisan delegation is to bring the fbi to virginia. >> reporter: a half dozen potential northern virginia locations were discussed in the meeting. >> stafford county currently houses the fbi forensic laboratory and the academy, so we have a lot that is there. >> reporter: when the gsa refines the requirements, the virginia paul will unite on one decision. >> if the decision is made on merits, the merits being what is best for the country and the
5:34 pm
fbi, what is best for employees, that is in virginia. >> reporter: that one location to be determined will be based on requirements, gsa requirements and that will not be in arlington where the meeting was. and they jokingly call arlington neutral ground y. not in arlington? the fbi needs 50 secure acres. >> any idea when a final decision will be made? >> and this is a huge project, it's hard to say and that will take months at the minimum. >> thank you. coming up, a great find at a local good will store. how much this rare painting is worth. >> and your flat screen tv could be a thing of the past. why it appears ultrahd tvs are the next big thing.
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. you know, there is a saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure? the people at the goodwill found quite the treasure at one of the d.c. donation sites. someone dropped off a rare painting by the late 19th century italian artist. can i say this correctly, giovanni bautista tiriglia. i hope i said that right. if i didn't, i apologize to you art lovers out there. goodwill had the piece authenticated and appraised. it's worth between 12 and $18,000. goodwill is selling the painting online. the latest bid is for under 4 grand. we have a link to the site on if you're interested. a fox 5 consumer alert. apple might be working on a cheaper version. the wall street journal said the outer so help me god be made with less expensive material and some parts would be recycled with some older
5:40 pm
versing. the consumer electronic show is underway in virginia. the ultrahd tvs are making a big big splash. >> one is the samsung u- 9l.e.d., hd-tv and has an interesting frame moving up and down, adjusts to you in the room and they provide four times the detailna that are in our living room and they expensive. and big as well and this is an 84-inch set and a number of other manufacturers coming out with that and others rolled them out at $20,000. >> you don't want to so me, an ultra hd tv and with all new electronics, that price will drop as they more main street stream. >> $20,000? >> and -- . >> yeah. >> and with that $300.
5:41 pm
>> yeah. in five years. >> and. the oscar nominations are out. coming up, some significant snubs. >> and why some say a film nominated for best picture is crossing the line with these action figures. >> and can you believe this? we almost hit 60 today and the weather is getting better and better and better. gary's back with the extended forecast.  [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin
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. this year's oscar nominations were announced this morning. there were shocking omissions and delightful surprises. fox's ashley devorkan looks closer at the hollywood buzz brewing around the 85th academy award. >> the best picture nominees for 2012 are: >> reporter: it was a good early morning wake-up call for many in how would as the nominees for movie's biggest honors were announced. >> this moment. >> reporter: this year, nine
5:45 pm
films got best picture nominations, including lincoln topping them all with a total of 12 nods. >> this is yours. >> reporter: life -- in second with 11 nominations and rounding out, silver lining playbook, les miserables, argo, zero dark thirty and beast of the southern wild. >> a big, big universe. >> reporter: the best actress category, the nine-year-old wallace is the youngest to be nominated and emmanuel riva is the oldest. they're up against jennifer lawrence of silver lining's playbook, naomi watts for the impossible and zero dark thirty's jessica chastain. >> bradley cooper, denzel washington, joaquin phoenix of the master. and daniel day lewis as lincoln and hugh jackman for the title
5:46 pm
role in les mis. >> i dreamed my life with you. >> the musical co-star ann hathaway was nominated in supporting actress and againsticaly -- sale field, amy adams, jackie lieber, and helen hunt. the supporting actor is full of familiar faces as they have all won before. christ of walls, philip see more hoffman, robert denoro, allen arkin, tommy lee jones. snubs this year, those were in the director categories. >> cathy bigelow was not nominated and won for best director. ben affleck, i think they would love to see him nominated. >> if you don't know who i am, pretend i'm donnie osmond. >> reporter: with a preview of what to expect on oscar night, seth mcfarlane was joined on stage this morning by actress emma stone. the race is officially on for the 85th academy awards with nominees doing the red carpet rounds until oscar's big night february 24th n. new york,
5:47 pm
ashley devorakan, fox news. >> the speculation has begin. who will win? >> i have my favorites. >> you have seen notch them, right? and you're not supposed to tell our secrets come. on. >> and let's be honest. enough time to watch them wife. >> absolutely. >> and three kids are married. >> right. can you watch argo. >> yeah. and that is true. >> and anyway, let's go with what is happening out there. you had to like today. >> beautiful. >> and that means so good and i am going to be perfectly honest with you. it, you know, i always say this happened. it got warmer than we thought, and i have yet to hear a complaint. the temperatures in the mid- 50s, the high for the day just came in for national. how about that. we cooled off from the high. 52 now, gaithersburg, 46; dulles, 50 degrees and manasses, 52. places have cooled into the 40s. hagerstown, 44 and along i-81, win chester is 45 degrees as
5:48 pm
well and culpepper, 52 and some chows arrived late day, most is high to mid-level stuff and we progress through the evening. it will thicken up a bit and mostly cloudy at night and 11:00. and no how the temperatures kind of plateau there in the upper 40s and that is looks like overnight tonight, most of us are in the 40s. yes, showers back -- well, they continue in the forecast for tomorrow and we haven't made a change there and that does look like the showers will hold off tomorrow until the afternoon, and so more than likely tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, it will be a wet commute and that does not look like it's going to be a big, big rain maker, not a lot of rain. maybe in some places a .1 of an inch approaching a quarter of an inch. no more than that. okay. and this is the setup of the jet stream. we watch the big dip to the west and you get that into the jet stream to the west and a good ridge building on the eastern side of the nation and
5:49 pm
this high pressure is helping, too. the cold air is staying locked to the west-northwest for several days and we begin to see indications, though, that late next week some of this real cold stuff is going to make a run for it and that is looks like thursday and a dramatic change into thursday and next weekend. the extended models are flipping and belong and milder for the weekend, nothing changeed. fiftys and 60s for saturday and into the northwest, and that is looking like on sunday, we will be close to 70 here, depending on the amount of sunshine we have and that is to the south of us and some 70s. not tomorrow. couple, we'll have clouds and showers, the temperature is 50 degrees. and by saturday, we have early- morning clouds. if th temperatures will be allowed to get upper 50s and lower 60 and
5:50 pm
esthat is unusually warm this time of the year. the rain back to the west and notice how it's moving south to north. when you get this type of a jet soup setup, takes a long time to move that to the east and feel like by tomorrow afternoon, we'll get here and, as a matter of fact, we have tornado warnings through most of the morning and early afternoon for parts of louisiana. the clouds thick know on the increase and into -- thicken on the increase overnight tonight and a spotty shower by noon. out west-western suburbs by noon, a shower and showers for everyone by late afternoon tomorrow. that means a fairly wet commute. look at the numbers. we're going to go 50 tomorrow, 61 on saturday; 67 on sunday and look into next wok, 41 for a high on thursday. >> all right, enjoy the warm temperatures while we can. >> and do my ballot for the oscars. >> very good. >> thank you, gary. for the talk of the town on tmz, britney spores is leaving
5:51 pm
x factor. -- britney spears is leaving x factor. why is show calling it quits? >> music. we broke the story last night on the website. she's recording her eighth album right now. when show finishes it, she wants to go back on tour. she said show likes doing the show but music is her thing and she is done. now, there has been, you know, some talks, would they bring her back, anyway. we don't know. whatever it is, britney jumped the gun on this one, and she's the one to quit them. she got $15 million for doing the show this season. true enough, she won't get it next season and show can make five times that between another album and a successful concert tour. >> wow, i wonder who, if anybody, they would try to replace her. she's not the only judge that who is out. remind me built other job judge? >> l.a. reid is leaving. >> that's right. >> and i won't be surprised if there is a clone sweep in the panel. >> interesting. we'll be watching to see what happens.
5:52 pm
and talk about the buzz surrounding the oscars. there was a lot of talk that ben affleck was snubbed as best director for his film argo. what is the word? he's not now at this but not like spielberg yet. >> well, he's not like spoilberg yet, but remember -- he is a really successful director. in the totem pole, he's one of the most sought-after directors in hollywood, and the supportimity is that he has been snubbed. my personal opinion is. >> uh-huh. >> i think there is always some resentment when an actor decides i'm going to become a director because, you know, the people who are directors by profession are saying this is an actor who wants to do it and he is a young guy who is a director and has gotten all of this acclaim. >> huh. >> and that other directors didn't get. i think there is a certain
5:53 pm
amount of jealousy going on. >> thank you, we'll see you here at 6:30 for more. there is controversy tonight. reverend al sharpton is calling for a national boycott on the dolls based on quentin tarantino's oscar-nominated movie. reverend sharpton said selling the dog -- dolls is offensive to them. and he is the man behind one of this year's best picture nominations. at 6, the former cia agent turned rider and inspiration for argo. the pitch they waiting for. tomorrow, they make their way to the west wing. >> and this may look like a doctor's office, but it's one of the new medical marijuana dispenseries. we'll take you on a tour coming up. 
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. jerry sandusky emerged from prison to attend a hearing today. the lawyers argued that he deserves's new trial because the defense didn't have enough time to prepare. he is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence and he was convicted last year of 45 counts of child sex abuse and he maintains his innocence. new details surrounding the chicago lottery winner who died of cyanide poisoning. they show the wife is battling the estates. her husband died last july days before he was to collect the winnings. his wife is not a suspect and repeatedly deny good involvement in his death. and look at the dramatic video out of wisconsin. an armed robber got one up by the grocery store owner and
5:58 pm
watch this, pulled out a gun and scared the other guy off. >> and i know i grabbed the gun and he was running. i took off. >> and that is some fore for the head shot. >> you were afraid you were going to kill him? >> yeah. >> the milwaukee police say the attempted armed robbery happened in mid-damage and -- december. the suspect is out there and they're releasing the video hoping the public will recognize them and help them catch him. thank you for joining us tonight. the news edge at 6 starts right now. we bein the district. the city joins 18 street states that have approved medical marijuana and they will be able to buy up to two ounces of pot tonight and this is beth tire
5:59 pm
marker with more. >> reporter: medical marijuana made it in 19 night, but the city -- 1998, but the city didn't get the go ahead until 2010, and supporters are counting the days. >> it looks like a typical high- end office. you will notice a lot of cameras around here and some serious security. >> reporter: this is capitol city care, one of the d.c.'s first medical marijuana dispenseries. >> you walk in and this is the initial reception. >> reporter: he will oversee the upcoming opening and there is no marijuana yet, but the guard said they almost ready. >> i am thrilled. i have seen it happen and sign ms patients in justice and i

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 1/10/2013